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.......another week, another approval!

P+O House

P+O House

Fantastic receiving yet another DA approval this week from Northern Beaches Council [Manly Council].

P+O House scheduled to be on site early next year + pushing for a Xmas 2018 handover.

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The Week of Approvals

Villa Greenaway

Villa Greenaway

Ramp House

Ramp House

Exciting to receive some DA approvals this week for both Villa Greenaway + Ramp House.

Both projects expected on site early 2018.

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Aperture house.jpg

Finally the light at the end of the long dark tunnel appears for our Aperture House. 

We were never too concerned with gaining an approval, rather merely bemused that Council curtailed to objecting neighbours + forced us down the legal route….

The most poignant moment of the hearing occurred when standing on said neighbours’ deck + the Commissioner asked me to explain the extent of our proposal in terms of setback + the side window that the neighbours so vehemently objected to.

“Do you see the extent of this deck we are standing on + that louvre window facing our site? - that is exactly what we are proposing”

The neighbours stood agasp + the Commissioner just nodded stating, “I see”.... 

…we were approved five minutes later…

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Kenthurst House Client Presentation

Selling the concept to a client is often more daunting than actually coming up with the initial concept, after all, you're tabling the inner workings of your mind for potential criticism.

We try to ensure that we present with a range of media, so the clients can better understand from our perspective, the whys + hows we have arrived at where we are.

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P&O House

Whilst the bulk of our portfolio is contemporary based design heavily influenced by modernist architecture, we do enjoy paying homage to other architectural styles because after all, one does not know where one is headed, if one does not have a true understanding + appreciation for where one's been. 

"If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." (Isaac Newtown, 1675)